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  • Studio-dance photographer Alexander Yakovlev makes his images of professional dancers come alive by adding dynamic elements like exploding flour.

    Yakovlev's photos span a wide spectrum of dance styles, from ballet to break-dancing, but it was his flour-filled photo "Big bang theory" that has garnered the most recent attention.
  • As you might expect, this inspired us to have a look at the rest of Alexander's profile, and what we found was a phenomenal studio dance photographer who really knows what he's doing.

    His flour shots are awesome, but that is far from the only style of portrait he takes. Black-and-white meets color, ballet meets break dance, and static poses meet wild mid-air freeze frames in Alexander's portfolio.

    But words will never do this profile justice, so we'll just shut up and let his photos do the rest of the talking. Scroll down, enjoy, and remember to pick your jaw up off the floor when you're done.

  • Alexander Yakovlev is a photographer who captures and immortalises the intangible magic of movement. Calibrating technique and experience he represents the dynamism and fascination of the human body with extreme precision.
  • Professional dance photographer, Alexander Yakovlev, incorporates the beauty, grace, power and movement of dancers bodies with the unexpected element of exploding flour. This surprising mixture of flour and dancers in motion results in gorgeous, otherworldly imagery.
  • Alexander Yakovlev has a good eye for dancers and he adept at capturing the intangible magic of the moment.

    He makes the most beautiful portraits of dancers with white flour. These powder explosions accentuate the grace of their movements and the elegance of their bodies.
  • Photographer Alexander Yakovlev created series of dynamic portraits of dancers in motion. He uses natural dancers movement, perfectly set studio lighting and some time tons of flour to achieve explosive and fascinating effects on his dancers portraits.
  • Alexander Yakovlev widely acclaimed for his remarkable dance portraits. In some of his works, he incorporates flour dust to enhance the dynamism of his pictures, capturing the most ephemeral details of the dancers' motion. The floating particles freeze in time moments that often elude our senses. With delightful scene compositions, Yakovlev photographs offer an original perspective on the elegance and beauty of dance.
  • Alexander Yakovlev is a studio-dance photographer specializing in capturing the dynamic, raw power of dancing. In his series of majestic images, the gifted photographer adds the element of flour, giving his subjects the chance to interact with it, capturing the spectacular formed by this combination.
  • Photography might not steal your soul (except for selfies), but it's adept at capturing the intangible magic of the moment. And few do it better than Alexander Yakovlev with his dance photography. He has a good eye for dancers and scene composition, catching them at their most expressive and dynamic. Watching a dance live, the eye wouldn't have time to register the majesty of all the moves.
  • Echoing the portraits by belgian artist jeffrey vanhoutte, which see female figures frozen in a shower of powdered milk, russian photographer alexander yakovlev has realized the 'mirages' series with flour and ballet dancers.
  • Podemos quedarnos totalmante prendados por alguien en el momento en el que vemos como mueve sus manos u observamos como camina; la belleza atrayente del movimiento es algo milagroso.

    La fuerza que transmiten algunos cuerpos en funcionamiento, hace que muten las anatomías ante nuestros ojos cuando muestran los músculos en tensión o las extremidades alargándose en poses involuntarias y danzas voluntarias que se convierten en la obsesión de Alexander Yakovlev.